ALL-TECH Environmental Services

61 Park Street,
Corner BrookNLA2H-2X1

ALL-TECH employs a team of dedicated professionals with educational and field experience in a wide range of environmental and health and safety matters. Our team consists of: Scientists, certified engineering technologists, construction safety officers, AutoCAD technicians, certified registered safety professionals, business management professionals, occupational hygiene scientists, certified industrial hygienists and laboratory technicians. We are CALA (CAEAL) certified and use only accredited laboratories. We emphasize the importance of continuing education by supporting our employees in furthering their education. We have designated staff available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. ALL-TECH will respond immediately to any emergency call. Response time may vary depending on location of emergency, weather and acts of God.

ALL-TECH utilizes only the latest in technical developments. Our state-of-the-art testing and monitoring equipment is calibrated to industry standards and is NIST traceable. A key component of our service is to act as a liaison between our clients and all levels of government to interpret complex regulations and guidelines. We also offer customized occupational health and safety training courses to meet our client’s needs.

Our mission is to assist our clients in reaching their objectives towards a safe and healthy workspace and environment through consistent monitoring, consulting and management of hazardous materials. We provide guidance, information and management in all areas of health, safety and environment. Our cooperation in site management begins with an emphasis on education. We believe that knowledge and understanding are paramount in the progression towards health, safety and environmental issues.