Island Ink Jet

50 Main St,
Corner BrookNewfoundlandA2H-1C4

We’ve all been there… finishing up a last minute assignment, clicking print, and “Oh no, the printer’s out of ink!” At that point you could leave your home, go to a big box store, hope that they have the exact cartridge that you need (e.g. CE320A935XL), and then pray that it works… or you could call Island Ink-Jet, where they refill your old cartridges (for 60% to 70% less than buying new), guarantee them 100%, and even deliver orders to your door for free. Not to mention, every ink cartridge that they reuse, refill, or refurbish is keeping harmful materials out of landfills.

Island Ink-Jet is a nationwide brand, but all stores are independently owned and operated, meaning that when you get service from the location in Corner Brook you are shopping local, while getting the same standard of products and service available all across Canada. They want to keep customer experience as cheap and convenient as possible.