Maico Hearing Service

Suite 306, 14 Main Street,
Corner BrookNewfoundlandA2H 1B8

Maico is a full-service hearing health care clinic that has been serving people throughout the province for over 40 years with locations in St. John’s, Grand Falls-Windsor, and Corner Brook. Other areas of the province are serviced through our travelling clinic locations (please call to find out when they will be in an area near you).

Hearing difficulties can be improved through wax management, surgery, hearing aids, assistive listening technologies, and communication strategies. Maico understands that dealing with hearing problems can be difficult and do their best to make the process as easy as possible by offering:

  • Hearing tests & consultations
  • Free 30 day trial periods
  • Home visits for those who are unable to come to go to them
  • Payment plans

Maico offers a variety of hearing solutions to ensure that you can choose the option that works best for you. If you decide that you would like to receive Maico’s help, they will do everything they can to ensure that you are pleased with the services provided.


Hearing Health