74 Broadway,
Corner BrookNLA2H-4C8

Niki T Hollahan has been a lifelong knitter, artist, and craft producer. She has been operating a home-based business for many years, but last year she decided to open MALA; a multi-faceted concept shop that features her and other local artists’ fine crafts. In addition to selling fine, hand-made gifts and crafts, MALA hosts workshops on traditional crafting that are gaining in popularity.

On October 30th MALA celebrated its one-year anniversary, and Niki is very optimistic about the future as she tries to “keep it fresh and keep inventing.” To that effect, Niki has been in the headlines recently for “yarn bombing” parking meters in downtown Corner Brook.

MALA is a Mi’kmaq word that means “Where I’m from” or “Home,” so you know that Niki and MALA are local through-and- through.

MALA local craft natural fibre eco friendly