North Atlantic Petroleum

11 East Valley Road,
Corner BrookNLA2H-2Y6

At North Atlantic, we decided from the very beginning that our company wasn’t just about our products. Our reputation, our service and our employees say so much more about who we are.

We’ve proudly served Newfoundlanders with refined products manufactured right here for almost 30 years. Think of us as the company that keeps the province warm and provides the fuel to keep it running too. Our heating oil, propane and efficient hot water systems keep things cozy. Our diesel fuel and gasoline keep everybody movin’ down the road. And whether you look to the ocean or to the air, our fuel powers ships and planes alike. And it’s all done by Newfoundlanders and Labradorians every day. With a smile and sometimes a good-natured wink, no matter what they’re doing. From a simple gas-up to a full hot water radiation system installation, it’s great people and great products. All here for you.


Gas / Oil