Unoccupied Property Listing

Space for Lease

Formerly Known As Address
10 Main 10 Main Street
51 West 51 West Street
Blanchard’s 37 Brook Street
Canvas 63 Broadway
CIBC Building 9 Main Street
Commerce Court 50 Main Street
Dardeck Building 11 Main Street
Donald Locke & Associates Inc. 1 Lester Ave
Downtown Health Centre 3 Herald Avenue
Good House Building 93 West Street
Herald Towers 4 Herald Avenue
MacAvery’s Sportsbar For Lease 86 West Street
Mega Trends 25 Broadway
Millbrook Mall 2 Herald Avenue
The Cash Store 86 West Street

Space for Sale

Formerly Known As Address
Blanchard’s 37 Brook Street
Brook Street Credit Union 34 Brook Street
Celebration City For Sale 79 Broadway, Suite 2
Furnace Man 39 Main Street
Tibbo Building 20 Brook Street


Formerly Known As Address
Burton’s 19 Caribou Road
Canton Restaurant 15 Caribou Road
Mad Man Murphy’s 5 Broadway
Seven Seas Restaurant 16 West Street
The Studio 17 Broadway
Toning and Tanning 48 Main Street