Unoccupied Property Listing

Space for Lease

Formerly Known As Address
10 Main 10 Main Street
51 West 51 West Street
Blanchard’s 37 Brook Street
Canvas 63 Broadway
CIBC Building 9 Main Street
Commerce Court 50 Main Street
Dardeck Building 11 Main Street
Donald Locke & Associates Inc. 1 Lester Ave
Downtown Health Centre 3 Herald Avenue
Good House Building 93 West Street
Herald Towers 4 Herald Avenue
Mega Trends 25 Broadway
Millbrook Mall 2 Herald Avenue
Valley Mall 1 Mt. Bernard Avenue

Space for Sale

Formerly Known As Address
Blanchard’s 37 Brook Street
Brook Street Credit Union 34 Brook Street
Celebration City 79 Broadway, Suite 2
Furnace Man 39 Main Street
Tibbo Building 20 Brook Street


Formerly Known As Address
Burton’s 19 Caribou Road
Canton Restaurant 15 Caribou Road
Mad Man Murphy’s 5 Broadway
Seven Seas Restaurant 16 West Street
The Cash Store 86 West Street
The Studio 17 Broadway
Toning and Tanning 48 Main Street